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ACHEH JAYA ENGINEERING is a company with an annual business turnover of over 3.0 million consisting a team of a professional management personnel, certified welders up to 6G position, third party certified welding procedure specification (W.P.S) aj1and qualification(AWS D1.1 and ASME IX).


Personnel with hands on more than 20 years on steel fabrications, equipment, manufacturing, building erections, steel structural works related to marine, Gantry Cranes, Gower Generations, Oil Mills, Infrastructure projects, design and construction of Thermal Oil Furnace, refurbishing of equipment and components, repair and maintenance of pressure vessels and boilers, license certified by 'JKKP' (DOSH) as our additional scope of services and works.


The management & staff as a single professional body pledged our commitment to strive for the best available cost effective, aj9quality control resources and practices in our products as a fundamental element in business partnership with our customer.

We look forward to our positive business partnership as a milestone with critical success factor and key performance indicators to Quantify the progressive growth of both our organizations.